S3 Winter Challenge

Why you should join ... 🧐

Summer is well and truly gone and Winter is here to stay (for a little while anyway!). We know that when the cold hits, our motivation dives! Hence, to keep you motivated, we want to challenge you to keep active during the first winter month and hopefully the good habits continue through to Summer! After all, Summer bodies are made in Winter. Plus, what else are you going to do when it’s too cold to be outside?? You might as well be inside doing classes with us! 

What you need to do ...

1. Sign up to the challenge!

Email: care@s3.world

Call / Text: 0458022999

Or simply tell one of us when you're in next! πŸ˜

2. Commit to 16 or 20 or MORE classes in 30 days! Your challenge, your choice! (But I insist a minimum of 16 for the month!) πŸ˜†

3. Come and have fun with us whether it’s rain, hail or shine outside! 😍

To get started, login using S3 App or Mindbody and choose your pack of choice:

16 classes in 30 days - $199 ($12.50 a class!)
20 classes in 30 days - $249 ($12 a class!)
Unlimited for 30 days - $299 (The more you do, the less the cost! And that’s the idea!!!

Simple?! Yeah! Need more motivation?

There are so many prizes to be won! We will announce it on our insta pages each week! 


- Think free monthly memberships from @s3_studio ,

- Activewear from @nimbleactivewear ,

- Dinner dates from @turningpointripponlea , 

- And more surprises to come!

Keep watching the social media pages!! 😁😁😁

Ready ... Set ... Go ... πŸ‘Š

The challenge starts 1 June 2018! πŸ‘

Any Questions ....

Let us know ❀️

S3 Winter Challenge

1 - 30 June 2018

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