6 Weeks (4 Feb - 17 Mar 2019)

S3 ResolutionChallenge (2).jpg

Let’s not talk about RESOLUTIONS, Let’s just do RESOLUTIONS!

Starting Monday 4 Feb, we want you to join us in our biggest challenge yet … 6 weeks of Barre, Pilates and Yoga @ S3 Studio!

We want you to start the year well to set the tone for the rest of the year.

You set your own goals but we keep you accountable! It is your year, your body, your goals. As always, we encourage you to do it for you!


You can choose to do:

15 classes $299

20 classes $349

25 classes $399

30 classes $449


At S3, we don’t believe in dieting! It is simply unsustainable and research has shown that the key to HEALTHY EATING is a good balance. Plus, we love food, and we are sure you do too! Not to mention we live only once.

So instead of a dieting plan or a meal prep plan, a qualified nutritionist will give you all the guidance you need to eat healthy and eat well WITHOUT the need to “cut” everything out of your diet!

Again, it is your body and this is your challenge. You choose how much of the plan to follow and do the best you can.


For several reasons, this year we have decided to introduce a body scanner as part of the challenge. It is FREE to challenge participants!

A body scan gives you information to allow to understand where your body is at both the beginning of the challenge, and at the end.

It’s more accurate than the BMI and it reveals hidden fat.

It can help you workout better and definitely is a great tool for health and motivation.

It’s fast, easy and painless!


The team at S3 is here to support you throughout the challenge. We will set up a Facebook for group support and we are ALWAYS happy to chat in whatever means you prefer - face to face, emails, texts, phone calls … You let us know!