The world’s only
Barre Instructor Training created
and delivered by a Physiotherapist!

S3 Barre is the only barre workout in the world
designed and choreographed by a physiotherapist!


It fuses elements of classical ballet and clinical pilates, cardio and
strength exercises to create an intense and effective full body
workout. It is the ultimate barre workout!

S3 Barre Instructor Training is delivered by the
founder and creator of S3 Barre, Joshua Norris-Ongso,
an experienced physiotherapist with a great passion for human movement.

Throughout the course, instructors will gain all the necessary tools to instruct an S3 barre class, 
and not just the exercises but the skill set to deliver a great class and become not just a good  
instructor but a great one.

S3 Barre Instructor Training is also unique in that it is the world’s only barre training that provides instructors with
ongoing support and brand new themed playlist and workouts
choreographed to the music weekly!

It is the only course of its kind in the world!


Developed, created and delivered by an experienced physiotherapist!

The course is very carefully designed by the founder of S3, a leading physiotherapist with a background in dance, gymnastics and an expert in human movement. the course is delivered to instructors to enable them to conduct a safe and effective barre class.


The support and learning for the instructors lasts long after the course is finished! Ongoing tutorials and online videos of new exercises are available for qualified instructors.

Small Class Size

Class size is limited to ensure each instructor get the attention they deserve and require to become an amazing S3 Barre instructor


S3 Studios offer co-teaching options upon course completion to allow instructors to build their skills and confidence before teaching their first barre class.

No Extra “Level”

The course is designed to create amazing barre instructors who will continue to grow and improve as instructors and learn new exercises and expand their repertoire via online learning, without the need to enrol into more courses and waste time and money!


The course is extremely thorough to ensure instructors gain all the necessary tools, including biomechanics of different barre exercises and fundamentals of exercises, anatomy and physiology, to start instructing their own barre classes.


The course is designed with an adult learning specialist to maximize learning and ensure that it is interesting and dynamic and highly interactive.

Learning from The Best

Hands on approach and learn directly from some of the world’s best barre instructors!


The course is designed to ensure instructors gain the necessary skill sets to instruct an S3 Barre class in the most efficient and succinct manner.


The course will teach instructors how to safely teach a challenging and effective but safe barre class for both themselves and their clients.




The Course

S3 Barre Instructor Training is delivered over two 7-hour days.
The course covers:

  • Introduction to S3 Barre
  • Accessing and utilizing S3 Barre Resources – Instructor manual, Exercise handbook, S3 Class Notes, Online materials 
  • Basic pilates principles and terminology
  • Basic classical ballet principles and terminology
  • S3 Barre methodology, terminology and values
  • Barre exercises including biomechanics
  • Cuing
  • Contraindications and Modifications
  • Progressions and Regression
  • Pre and Post Natal modifications
  • Common injuries and modifications
  • What makes a good instructor?
  • Assessment*
  • Working through a full themed playlist and workout choreographed to the specific playlist


S3 Barre Instructor Training Course is designed for Allied Health Practitioners

(e.g. physiotherapist, osteopath, etc) and existing instructors in Pilates, Dance, Yoga or Fitness. 

* Should you think you have the right practical experience to complete the course, please contact us to discuss further.